Access to basic water services, including clean drinking water and sanitation, is still unavailable to much of the world’s population. City's most important piece of critical infrastructure is its water system. Smart technologies play a crucial role in effectively and efficiently managing water resources, distribution and consumption.

Smart Water Management can reduce the leakage of water by Real-time Monitoring using NebuLink nodes

Nebulae provides a smart water system which is designed to gather meaningful and actionable data about the distribution and consumption of city's water. Smart water meter allows monitoring the real-time data of water usage. By combining smart water metering and mobile banking, a reliable transparent and secure flow of funds and information between the consumer and the water service provider is achieved. Incorporating smart technologies allows water providers to minimize non-revenue water (NRW) by ending leaks quickly and even productively using real-time data and comparing that to model network simulations.

Nebulae in Smart Water Management

Nebulae water sensors connected with Nebulae nodes give data for water quality by measuring temperature, conductivity, pH, dissolved oxygen, minerals, which is used to know the pollution level details of water.

Using the data being collected by the liquid flow sensor integrated with water meters we determine the consumption of water for a particular area and accordingly aid in proper distribution of water and also avoid water leakages.

FEATURES and BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Water Management

  • Remote monitoring of Water meter provides good feature in Nebulae
  • Water loss management is observed with Nebulae nodes
  • Water Quality Monitoring can be done by integrating various sensors with Nebulaeg
  • Accurate consumption and forecasting of water use through NebuLink nodes
  • Water tank automation system to avoid overflow and wastage of water