Nebulae IoT solution for Waste Management allows deploying waste management sensors in wide areas of the entire city with low cost IoT network infrastructure. We provide our customers with valuable insights that allow the customer to see when and where containers will be full. It also helps the customer to understand waste generation patterns.

Nebulae integrated waste containers, gives real-time data about garbage level, allows to plan track routes more efficiently.

Nebulae in Smart Waste Management

The Nebulae dustbin sensor has the ultrasonic capability which senses the garbage level of dustbins and reports to the system. It also has a temperature sensor integrated which gives out alerts when dustbin temperature increases beyond the normal temperature. It detects inflammable waste dumping and generates alerts for an immediate evacuation of the dustbin.

FEATURES and BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Waste Management

  • Intelligent monitoring solution
  • Enables waste management and recycling companies to optimize their collection operations and maximize the use of valuable resources
  • Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensors for containers
  • Optimized routes, asset tracking and cost analysis
  • Logs continuous data from sensor, provides a war room view of operations and generates optimized routes
  • By collecting and analyzing data from containers across the city, Nebulae is able to create efficiencies and cut the cost of waste collection and incentivize recycling
  • Alerts on container level, Handling of containers
  • Smart root prediction for collection, Collection time notifications