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Smart Parking

Nebulae Technology for Smart Parking

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As moving towards urbanization and luxurious lifestyle, number of vehicles being used has been growing exponentially. The car parking has become a major issue due to confined parking spaces. Search for parking places is often annoying.

Nebulae improves the efficiency of parking operations and help traffic in the city to flow more freely with the smart parking technology.

Nebulae IoT is used to develop a smart parking system to monitor parking space availability in the city. It provides with a well-planned and convenience driven solution.

Nebulae management system collects data from the NebuLink magnetic sensors and after analysis it sends back the notification to user’s smart phones via the navigation system.

Nebulae also updates when the user will get the place for parking during full parking lots. It maintains details of how long each space has been occupied.

FEATURES of Nebulae in Smart Parking

  • Nebulae senses vacant parking lots in real time, saving time
  • Nebulae’s user friendly environment easily guides for proper parking place and automatically generates parking tokens

BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Parking

  • Nebulae helps to reduce waiting time at the parking lots
  • Nebulae optimizes parking management tasks