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Smart Manufacturing

Nebulae Technology for Smart Manufacturing

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Nebulae fulfils all requirements for Industry 4.0. It integrates technologies and protocols for networking, embedded control, sensing and easy manageability on which application software can run. The Nebulae IoT solution provides a platform to meld process, data and things, letting industries to remotely monitor and control Appliances/Machines, various environmental parameters for efficient plant operations.

Sensors when equipped with machines and binding them (one-to-one/one-to-many) with Nebulae facilitates communication with each other and cloud. Thus, making them remotely accessible and controllable even in the plant/labs where an environmental conditions are not befitting human resource.

The combination of Automation and Information leads to smart manufacturing with Nebulae

NebuLink gas sensors keep monitoring air quality level on a continuous basis, providing a better air quality control in a plant.

Temperature and humidity levels (Temperature and humidity sensors outfitted with NebuLink Nodes) can be easily maintained and monitored using Nebulae Cloud either remotely or conveniently from a nearby place. Industrial lights and HVAC’s integrated with NebuLink Nodes can be automatically controlled through cloud. It also provides user with a feature of scheduling which can be set as per the industrial requirement.

Vibration and accelerometer sensors interfaced with node aids in proper vehicle auto diagnosis optimizing human workforce effort.

FEATURES of Nebulae in Smart Manufacturing

  • Flexible production with less resources
  • Continuous Remote accessibility of system and components
  • Fast integration and Flexible configuration
  • Safety and Security for industry 4.0

BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Manufacturing

  • Improves production by reducing human errors/interventions
  • Faster and guaranteed production
  • Elevates customer satisfaction with enhanced user interface
  • Possible to control severe environmental parameters remotely