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Smart Grid

Nebulae Technology for Smart Grid

Smart Grid Image

Smart Grid refers to the improved electricity throughput and service of a supply chain that runs from power plant to your home. Growth in peak demand for electricity – driven by population growth, bigger houses, bigger TVs, more air conditioners and more computers has exceeded day by day, so the concept of a smart grid is spreading fast. The concept of Smart Grid is to add monitoring, analysis and control and communication capabilities to the national electrical delivery system while reducing the energy consumption for consumer and provider. Each smart meter must be able to collect the readings on meters and transmit same to central storage.

Prepare for an Electric System that is efficient, reliable and responsive – A Nebulae Smarter Grid

The Nebulae Smart Grid solution is unique in itself as it allows interfacing to convert existing meters to Smart Meters. Current and voltage sensors as Nebulink nodes are used for calculating the meter readings of smart meters installed, avoiding human error. It includes plug and play Nebulae nodes, radio modules and modems ready for existing meters.

FEATURES of Nebulae in Smart Grid

  • Provides smart grid facility without even replacing the old meters
  • Enabling real-time communication between the consumer and utility so consumers can tailor their energy consumption based on individual preferences, like price and/or environmental concerns
  • Firmware update feature
  • Remotely accessible meters

BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Grid

  • Reliable and accurate meter readings
  • Immediate repair and maintenance
  • Protection against theft
  • Long range communications between central unit and smart meters