Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. And a change in education system making it smarter is needed for a better change. As technology continues to evolve, learning and teaching practices also changes. Nebulae provides an innovative education solution.

Nebulae syncs up all the data to one single application.

Nebulae in Smart Education

Nebulae app brings up the schedule of the lecture, who the lecturer is, and meetings to be attended by the students and teachers as well. It also keeps students updated regarding the deadlines for assignment submissions and information about the books in library to be returned on time and its availability.

Whenever a student enters the classroom, Nebulae app automatically adds up to student’s attendance points and sets his/her presence..

The app also maintains a report of individual student which helps the teachers to easily understand student outcomes, actions to be performed for improving student’s performance in lecture and encouraging participation from students.

FEATURES and BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Education

  • Allows real-time and actionable insights into student performance and learning process
  • Teachers can provide one-to-one instruction and seamless student assessments
  • Through Nebulae cloud technology, instructors can collect and analyse data on student performance
  • Automatic logging attendance
  • Track Students and Faculties movement inside campus
  • Monitor student’s cognitive activities during lessons
  • Airflow, air quality, temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and optimized in every possible learning space