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Smart Agriculture

Nebulae - the leader in the smart field

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Not leaving behind India’s main occupation “cultivation”, Nebulae aims at providing farmers with its groundbreaking IoT solution for increasing their production quality with minimal efforts. Placing of sensors and pinning down their values can be used to mimic the environment conditions required for plants. Thereby overcoming the element of poor weather conditions and human error.

Water as one of the very important resource has been taken as a granted for long. But the day is not too far where we will have to pay a huge water bills, due to scarcity of water. Keeping in mind about the future drought years, Nebulae lets judicious use of water where even a single drop water matters a lot. Depending on the soil moisture content NebuLink Node sends message regarding the amount of water required for that soil making irrigation system smarter.

Nebulae aids in remotely controlling severe climatic conditions and to increase the production of fruits, vegetables and the quality of regions where the climatic conditions are adverse. Which ultimately leads to increase in the yield, year round production and also increasing the reliability of crop.

Long range NebuLink Node connectivity gives Advanced Control in Smart Agriculture.

Capturing the sensor values of the soil contents, Nebulae controls humidity and temperature levels to prevent fungus and other microbiological contaminants prepared for the compost. It provides updates for the decrease in components of the soil, thereby requiring its replenishment. Thus, providing nutrient rich humus for the growth of the crops and also at times acts as a supplement for insecticides and pesticides. Use of Nebulae leads to decrease in the cost and usage of insecticides/pesticides, encouraging organic farming.

FEATURES of Nebulae in Smart Agriculture

  • Ensures crop protection with the help of weather forecasts
    reports given by the NebuLink Nodes
  • Ensures reliability of crop production
  • Updates provided for the decrease in components of the
    soil, thereby requiring its replenishment

BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Agriculture

  • Decrease usage of insecticides/pesticides
  • Increase in the production with minimal cost
  • Possible to control severe environments required for Greenhouse remotely
  • Year round production of the seasonal crops