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NebuLink Node

A Broad-level component that provides IPv6 internet connectivity

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NebuLink Node is a wireless device providing easy deployment of wireless sensor networks in dense and large area with scalability ensuring minimum maintenance costs. Self-configuring, self-healing and self sustaining network, that detects and reroutes around broken paths immediately ensuring guaranteed data delivery and high quality of service. The Nebulae architecture protects against network dereliction. It is designed to automatically recover from runtime failure.

NebuLink Node maintains low-power packet exchange in WPAN. Automatically changes channels to avoid inevitable changes in signal interference. Provides the ability to form large, dense and deep networks, easily covering a large deployment area regardless of external interference.

A NebuLink Node is a broad-level component that provides IPv6 internet connectivity for sensors, devices and other equipments.

NebuLink Node has a dual radio framework, a 2.4 GHz (for Home Area Networks) and Sub-GHz (for Neighbour Area Networks) making NebuLink Node as a better choice among others for any smart city application. Based on application various sensors can be integrated with NebuLink Node.

NebuLink Nodes network can be updated using Nebulae FOTA feature with support of dynamic bandwidth , load balancing and optimization. It performs update process in background without interrupting valuable tasks.

FEATURES of NebuLink Node

  • Self configuring network, enables quick network deployment and formation
  • Self healing ability provides Network redundancy with guaranteed message delivery
  • Highly Secured Network connection between Network devices
  • High precision network synchronization
  • Cost effective solution, with lower operational and installation cost
  • Remote Firmware update of multiple Nodes with schedule update and instant update feature
  • Nebulae 2.4 GHz nodes for Home Area Network (HAN) and Sub-GHz nodes for Neighbour Area Network (NAN)
  • Supports various interface options for Sensors like SPI, I2C, UART
  • Hardware agnostic framework, allows quick integration with any hardware

NebuLink Node for You

Nebulae provides evaluation kit to evaluate Nebulae IoT framework. to get your own Nebulae products, For customized solutions or any other queries Contact Us.