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NebuLink Middleware

You can merge IoT solution into existing Business Infrastructure

NebuLinkMiddleware Image

NebuLink Middleware platform with remote device management together with our professional team are the ideal foundation for innovative solutions in the IoT space. NebuLink Middleware allows you to connect, operate and automate IoT devices via a single platform. It has super rich features for rapid development of the Internet of Things applications and products. Development of any smart product using NebuLink Middleware SDK reduces cost and time for development. It provides enterprise level features that can easily manage the most of the IoT use cases.

Improves software intelligence on the device side and the cloud side to meet business needs as per global trend. User friendly interface to set up monitoring of IoT data. Get the accurate data into back-end applications to make decisions faster, and to respond more accurately and quickly in near to real time.

NebuLink Middleware minimizes cost and time to market. Connect your existing smart devices to the powerful Middleware platform that can easily scale.

NebuLink Middleware acts as backbone platform providing all functionality required to operate mission critical IoT applications with large scalability. It provides failure proof connectivity, device interoperability, data consistency and security by managing all communication across connected devices.

It provides interfaces for integration with data management and analytics systems for machine learning and making decisions based upon collected data from sensor networks in real time. NebuLink Middleware is quick and simple for merging IoT solutions into existing business infrastructure.

FEATURES of NebuLink Middleware

  • Manage unlimited devices
  • Remote device provisioning
  • Cross device binding
  • Data analytics
  • Remote diagnostics/software update
  • Event detection
  • Fault tolerance
  • Data collection from endpoints
  • Controlling the endpoint
  • Delivering notifications to endpoints
  • Enabling messaging across endpoints