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NebuLink Gateway

A key component for IoT Infrastructure

NebuLinkGateway Image

NebuLink Gateway offers various key ingredients to users and IoT developers to access a vast range of IoT functionality for various applications. It fulfils all requirements for as well Industry 4.0 along with Home Automation and Smart Cities applications.

It integrates technologies and protocols for networking, embedded control, sensing and easy manageability on which application software can run. Advance peripheral mechanism provides configuration and access control from remote location using Nebulae Cloud services; allowing developers to integrate NebuLink Gateway with their cloud infrastructure.

NebuLink Gateway is unique due to it’s advanced feature to provide hybrid network management and message transferring from one network to another network. This feature allows any sensor node from two (or more) different frameworks to directly communicate without cloud intervention.

Security is concerning point with IoT applications. Data needs to be protected from any third party to maintain privacy of any individuals. NebuLink Gateway provides highly secure communication with multiple layers of encryptions and TLS/SSL security.

Which means sensor node from ZigBee can communicate to sensor node of 6LoWPAN. Same support is also provided in inter frequency communication. Like sensor node from 2.4 GHz can communicate to Sub-GHz sensor node.

This advanced communication feature of NebuLink Gateway makes it the best choice among smart cities developers and solution providers as one single Gateway accommodates sensor devices to communicate directly for SmartCity.

Internet Connectivity is a key ingredient for any IoT product. Nebulink gateway is advanced enough to support wide range of communication mediums for internet connections such as Ethernet, WiFi and Cellular.Gateway’s cloud redundancy feature enables multiple options to connect to the cloud.

This enhancement includes two or more communication mediums in one single Gateway, so if one medium is down NebuLink Gateway can use an alternate one to provide services to user and let them operate smart products connected in network.

Nebulae framework allows user to implement dual stack for wireless sensor network. Using which user can provide single solution using one Gateway by using 2.4 GHz network for Home Area Network and Sub GHz for Neighbour Area Network.