What is Nebulae?

Nebulae is a tangible framework for the Internet of Things. Nebulae provides networking hardware as well as SDKs and Cloud services designed and engineered to simplify the implementation of IoT solutions.

Why Nebulae better than other IoT solutions?

  1. NebuLink Node and NebuLink Gateway provide certified, low-power, long-range networking with a guaranteed quality of service.
  2. Nebulae delivers a highly secure and scalable network with 3-tier encryption using the AES-128 bit standard.
  3. Nebulae Cloud Messaging Service provides secure, scalable, real time communication between IoT enabled devices and end users.

Where can we use Nebulae’s technology ?

Go to this link NebuLink Solutions

What is the scalability of Nebulae platform?

Nebulae platform is highly scalable, users can connect thousands of devices to a single NebuLink gateway. A single gateway is capable of handling various types of devices, like sensors, actuators, and many more.

What are the benefits of using Nebulae to bulid my application for IoT?

There are a number of benefits of using Nebulae :

  1. Full-featured and flexible for optimizing network architecture.
  2. Easy deployment and installation.
  3. Scalable to establish a dense network
  4. Intelligent, self-healing, and self-configuring network for guaranteed delivery.
  5. Extensive support for long battery life.
  6. Highly scalable network with multi-tier secure communication
  7. Remote firmware update FOTA without network disruptions.
  8. Developer-friendly, rich set of APIs and powerful SDKs to shorten time to market.
  9. Small memory footprint for lower hardware cost.
  10. Designed to withstand failure.

What are the Nebulae devices?

Nebulae devices are divided into two categories :

NebuLink Node

NebuLink Node is a board-level component that provides IPv6 internet connectivity for sensors, devices, and equipment. A NebuLink Node may be categorized either as a Full Function Device (FFD) or Reduced Function Device (RFD) operating on battery supply or power line.

NebuLink Gateway

NebuLink Gateway is a device that builds and maintains an auto-configuring, self-tuning, redundant, self-healing network of NebuLink Nodes in a mesh, star, tree or hybrid network topology, and securely connects them to Nebulae Cloud.

Can I build a commercial product on top of the Nebulae Platform?

Yes. Nebulae SDK is very easy to use and has a very rich API set. So anyone can build their own product based on Nebulae SDK. Hardware agnostic Nebulae SDK makes it portable for any hardware platform that meets the requirements mentioned in the user guide.

Is the Nebulae ecosystem safe?

Yes. It provides 3-tier security with AES-128 bit data encryption.

What happens in case of no internet connectivity?

In case of no internet connectivity communication with gateway and cloud cease temporarily till the internet connection is back. But our WSN(devices) is smart enough to perform their predefined configured tasks.

I can’t connect/access my devices.

Possible reasons for not being able to access/connect devices :

  1. You might not have performed the registration process. See our user guide to perform the registration process.
  2. No internet connectivity: Contact your network manager for internet connection.

Is there a community of developers to help me build projects on Nebulae ?

Yes. There is a community of developers who provide guidance for building projects on Nebulae

Where can I stay updated on Nebulae and hear the latest news ?

You can follow updates on Nebulae by subscribing to our news feed or by following Nebulae on social networking sites. Apart from this you can also read the blogs published by developers.

Can I monitor and control devices from anywhere ?

Yes, users can monitor and control devices from anywhere if they have internet connectivity.

I’ve just received the Nebulae devices, how do I start it up ?

Follow the installation steps given in the user guide.

Where can I purchase Nebulae?

See the Contact Us menu.

Where can I ask a question that is not in the FAQs ?

The user can send their query from the contact us menu. Just fill the form given with valid credentials and we will contact you within 48 working hours.

How can I collect data from my devices for analytics ?

There is feature of logging provided, you can use it for your analytics.

What frequency band does Nebulae operate on ?

Nebulae IoT solution supports many communication technologies and thus operates on various frequency bands. Nebulae IEEE 802.15.4 devices work on 868 MHz, 902 MHz and 2.4 GHz Frequency bands. Nebulae Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices operate on 2.4 GHz.

Is my data secure in Nebulae ?

Nebulae provides 3-tier security of network messages using AES-128 Encryption. Nebulae cloud connection is secured using certificate authentication.

Which communication protocols are supported by Nebulae ?

Nebulae supports various communication protocols like WiFi, GSM, Ethernet, 802.15.4, Bluetooth, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and PowerLine.

Can I connect my Zigbee or Bluetooth device to Nebulae cloud ?

Yes, you can connect and access Zigbee or Bluetooth devices from Nebulae Cloud using Nebulae CLOUD SDK.

Which hardware platform is supported by Nebulae ?

Nebulae IoT solution provides Hardware Agnostic feature making it possible for it to support multiple hardware platforms.

What is the Nebulae IoT device SDK ?

Nebulae Software Development Kit(SDK) facilitates developers and enthusiasts for creating applications based on Nebulae framework.

Does Nebulae provide remote firmware update ?

Yes, Nebulae provides very efficient Firmware Over The Air (FOTA). It lets you control/ access your devices even while firmware update is in process.