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Nebulae is a tangible ecosystem of the Internet of Things which provides networking hardware and cloud services designed and engineered to simplify the implementation of IoT solutions.

Zero Configuration

NebuLink™ Nodes and Gateways are tightly integrated with Nebulae Cloud Services to provide zero-configuration connection of sensors, devices and equipment.

Quality Service

NebuLink Nodes and Gateways provide certified, low-power, long-range networking with a guaranteed quality of service.

Secure Deliveries

Nebulae delivers a highly secure and scalable network with 3-TIER ENCRYPTION using the AES 128 bit standard.

Hardware Agnostic

Nebulae is "Hardware Agnostic", which means it works with any hardware platform which supports 802.15.4, WiFi, BLE or Cellular.

Easy Developement

Nebulae SDKs speed up the development of Cloud and device applications.


Nebulae Cloud Messaging Services provides secure, scalable, real time communication with IoT and mobile devices.

Advanced IoT Framework

Our Advance IoT framework empowered with a rich API set providing advanced features for the development of various IoT devices. Third Generation supports wide range of communication protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks and cloud communication with zero configuration.

Products and Services

IoT Gateway, Middleware, Node based on Industry 4.0 standards, covering wide asset of communication standards for smart connected products. Its allows you to easily deploy Wireless Sensor Networks in an easy and scalable way ensuring with minimum maintenance costs.

IoT Solutions with Nebulae

The Nebulae IoT Solutions are applicable to provide decent quality of life, clean and livable environment with smart utilities and control systems.

Smart Cities

Nebulae IoT solution applicable for smart city development inheriting nebulae framework to its multiple applications. Nebulae with proven reliability, simple deployment, ubiquitous reach connects applications with no wires & no limits.

Smart Agriculture

Nebulae aids in remotely controlling severe climatic conditions and to increase the production of fruits, vegetables and the quality of regions. Which ultimately leads to increase in the yield, year round production and also the reliability of crop.

Smart Manufacturing

The Nebulae IoT solution provides a platform to meld process, data and things, letting industries to remotely monitor and control the Appliances/Machines, various environmental parameters for an efficient plant operations.

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